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Peninsula Glass provides Auto Glass Replacement & Repair. Our certified technicians use only the highest quality auto glass and installation materials, ensuring quality repair backed by our workman guarantee for as long as you own the vehicle! Need assistance filing a claim? We're a Preferred Provider! 

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Chip & Crack Repair

For the best chip or crack repair come in as soon as possible. Older damage allows moisture and debris to enter the area creating further damage and a more costly repair. The entire process of repair takes around 30 minutes depending on the size and number of chips.  First we remove trapped air and seal the break with an acrylic-acetate resin. Then we cure the resin with ultraviolet light. The resin blends with the windshield glass and performs good as new!                    

Email us a picture or stop in to have our professionals have a look! 


Auto Glass Replacement

We replace all your automotive glass needs including 

- Windshield

- Side Glass

-Rear view & Side Mirrors

-Back Glass

- Sliding and Fixed panels for your truck


RV Glass

 One piece and Split windshields for Class A, B, and C motor homes   


Boat Window Replacement

If your boat windows have been chipped or damaged, either bring in the window or we'll come out to the dock on a sunny day and have it looking like new! 


Additional Services

- Headlight Restoration 

- Leak Test 

OEM vs. Aftermarket Auto Glass

OEM Glass-

Vehicle manufacturers bid their OEM contracts for their vehicles. The auto glass manufacturer that wins the contract receives exact specifications to produce the OEM auto glass for that vehicle. They are given the license to stamp the vehicle manufacturer's name and logo on the windshield. There may be multiple auto glass manufacturers working on different windows for a vehicle model. Ultimately, they are also the same auto glass manufacturers that produce aftermarket auto glass for windshield replacements. 

Aftermarket Glass-

These are the same manufacturers that compete for the OEM auto glass contracts, except for the OEM contracts they do not win, they reverse engineer the OEM car glass and produce aftermarket auto glass windows. These manufacturers invest millions of dollars in research and development, use the same resources and experts that produce their OEM glass for contracts to build their aftermarket auto glass windows. 


Auto insurance policy language normally states they will provide "Like Kind & Quality Replacement Parts" . This means Aftermarket auto glass, not OEM. If your vehicle is less than 2 years old, many insurance companies will authorize an OEM windshield replacement. If you get the OEM windshield installed, you will be responsible for the price difference. Some insurance companies have a no exception rule while others do. Meaning some will not pay for OEM glass while others you will have to ask for it. This is something to consider when choosing one auto insurance company over another if an OEM auto glass window replacement is important to you.


Overall, all auto glass manufacturers have to pass government standards. Whether you are getting an OEM or Aftermarket piece of glass, the quality will meet government standards. Many Aftermarket manufacturers go beyond the government standards. We always recommend working with a reputable auto glass repair shop to ensure you are getting an auto glass replacement that meets, and in most cases exceeds NHTSA and DOT standards. 

Top Companies

  • Carlite
  • Fuyao
  • Mygrant
  • PGW- Pittsburgh Glass Works
  • Pilkington
  • Safelite